Taste of New Orleans Tour

The Taste of New Orleans Tour gives you the opportunity to taste a variety of local food favorites. In each restaurant, and at sites between restaurants, we will explore the history of the city and the people and events that made this city such a unique place to live and visit.

Appetizer selections will be made carefully and respect the taste preferences of each person on the tour. Some people will enjoy a drink or two along the way as well.

The tour is designed to be more a social gathering rather than a formal tour, one that encourages open discussion rather than a formal presentation. This is a unique way to speak with a native New Orleanian, someone who can make learning fun while helping you navigate the city, nightlife, food and attractions during your visit.

Tour Duration: 3 Hours

Price: $285 + cost of food and drinks (includes up to 4 participants)

Influential Women Walking Tour

New Orleans would not have the charm, quaint appeal or historic significance it enjoys today without the hard work, dedication and foresight of a number of women. This tour identifies the women who preserved the architectural and cultural integrity of the French Quarter. It celebrates the persistence and determination to save the French Quarter and promote it. From discussions at key sites you will understand the value and nature of their efforts and recognize their accomplishments as crucial to the future of the City.

Tour Duration: 3 Hours

Price: $285 (includes up to 4 participants)

New Orleans Walking Tours

New Orleans Jazz Walking Tour

New Orleans is known as the birthplace of Jazz. On this tour, we visit 2-3 Jazz clubs, each with its own style and character.

All of the clubs are located inside the Historic French Quarter and we often spend about an hour in each venue. The average Jazz Tour is listed at three hours but often takes longer.

All of the clubs serve drinks, some also serve appetizers. All of the clubs offer seating and allow you to stay as long as you like. Jazz comes in many forms and each venue offers a different take on what is called traditional Jazz.

Some Jazz clubs do not serve drinks, do not have seats for everyone, do not have air conditioning and put you out at the end of a set (45 minutes)! We avoid these clubs and stay mainstream within the French Quarter.

Tour Duration: 3 hours

Price: $285 (includes up to 4 participants)

What's Extra: The cost of drinks is not included in the tour fee.

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The Upper French Quarter Walking Tour

The Upper French Quarter Tour is like all of our tours in that it encourages you to experience the excitement, wonder and flavor of this unique City. Our goal is to help you experience the romance of Jackson Square, celebrate the daring of privateers in Pirates Alley, learn the factors that brought about the Louisiana Purchase, toast Napoleon Bonapart in the most European bar in the French Quarter and Honor the most influential women in New Orleans history. Join us for one of the most requested New Orleans walking tours.

Tour Duration: 3 hours

Price: $285 (includes up to 4 participants)

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